RTA launches Audit Permit to train employees on internal monitoring

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a training program entitled ‘Audit Permit’ to educate employees about the importance of internal audit, and qualify them to exercise internal monitoring of their organizational units through familiarizing them with audit techniques in place.

“The launch of this training program is part of a series of superb programs to hone the skills, competencies and knowledge of RTA’s employees and familiarize them with world’s best practices of the industry,” said Kawther Kazim, Executive Director of Human Resources & Development. “This program had been undertaken in conjunction with the Internal Audit Department as it involves awarding an Audit Permit, and reflects RTA’s strategy of ensuring job transparency besides enabling the practicing of the highest internal control. Such an approach serves RTA’s interest in nurturing a creative work environment, and cementing the bonds of loyalty and belonging between RTA and employees,” she added.

“The theoretical aspect of the program covers an overview of internal audit, charter, guide, anti-fraud policy, internal monitoring, and training employees on various sections of internal audit. The practical aspect covers the participation of trainees in all stages of internal audit, co-training employee with auditors, undergoing practical tests, and reviewing risks related to the job scope.

“The program will have a huge positive impact on growing the knowledge & skills of human resources in the field of internal audit, analytical thinking, communication skills, critical thinking, and report writing. The time chart of the Audit Permit included the graduation of the first batch of trainees last April. Another batch will be taken this September and a third one in April 2017. The last one in September 2017. Trainees will be awarded, and a study shall be commissioned afterwards to verify the benefits realized from the Program.

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