RTA offers car number plates with your birthday, wedding date

Dubai is known for initiatives that are replicated elsewhere in other countries.

In one such unique initiative, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai on Friday introduced a new five-digit number plate with ‘S’ code which would allow people to replicate important dates in their lives on the number plate.

Under this new initiative entitled ‘Reflect Your Special Moments on Your Number Plate’, RTA offers people a chance to select five-digit vehicle plates replicating important dates and events in their lives such as birthdate, employment date, wedding date, and graduation date, among others.

“This initiative is part of RTA’s endeavours to deliver new and premium services to achieve customers’ satisfaction & happiness. It avails them the chance to select numbers of personal significance for their vehicle registration plates. These plates will be of five digits only; emulating the day, month and year, and will be exclusively offered to age group 18 to 35 (born from 1981 to 1998), as youth are the most passionate to distinguished events of relevance to their personal lives,” said Sultan Al Marzooki, Director of Vehicles Licensing, RTA’s License Agency.

“The number plates, which is from the S code, would be issued at a price of Dh1,620 per plate subject to availability. Interested customers can buy the number plates directly from customer service centers in Dubai, service providers, strategic partners, RTA’s website (www.rta.ae) or drivers/vehicles smart Apps,” said Al Marzooki.