RTA’s initiative entitles clients to own issued number plates

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has run an initiative whereby customers can own number plates issued (not owned) for their registered vehicles or retained in their traffic files.

Customers can own these plates after paying 25% of the total prescribed value of the number plate in question, and the remainder has to be paid in three installments. However, the payment period must not exceed one calendar year or the fiscal year of the payment period.

To avail this offer, customers are required to apply at the Financial Services Office and its telephone is 04-2902711 at the RTA Head Office.

Plates offered under this initiative relate to old Codes (A, B and C).

The initiative is part of RTA’s efforts to achieve customers’ satisfaction and realize its third strategic goal (People Happiness) through responding to customer needs and expectations.

“This initiative would be on offer at the RTA Head Office where individuals interested in owning their issued licensing plates would be entitled to trade in those plates through selling or granting them without being running into legal issues,” according to Sultan Al Marzooki, Director of Vehicle Licensing, RTA’s Licensing Agency.

“To own a plate number, a customer must pay 25% of the prescribed value of it, and the rest has to be settled within one calendar or fiscal year. The number can be owned as soon as the first installment is paid, but the applicant would not be entitled to trade in it before the full amount is made during the said period. The initiative underlines our efforts to maximize the satisfaction of our customers, who are the backbone of RTA’s strategy, through meeting their requirements in the most convenient manner,” he added.

“The initiative illustrates RTA’s policy towards realizing its third strategic goal (people happiness) through adopting the best practices in delivering its services. It is also aligned with the directions of our government aimed at ranking Dubai as a perfect place for living,” added Al Marzooki.