RTA's next number plate auction on July 10

In its forthcoming 14th online number plate auction, the Licensing Agency of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is set to offer around 615 distinguished licensing plate numbers spanning various 4 and 5-digit codes.

The Auction will kick off on Tuesday July 10 and roll on for three days. Registration for the auction will open on June 26 and continue till the auction day.

Mohammed Abdul Kareem Nimaat, Director of Vehicles Licensing at RTA Licensing Agency, said the next Auction would likely draw wide public participation as it offers all codes available in the RTA ranging from Code A to Code M. "We are considering to stage these auctions regularly in response to the wishes of the public who fancy online auctions exclusively as it offers them full liberty to choose their favourite numbers in a stress-free environment."

"The previous successes made by online auctions contributed to enhancing the e-services offered by the Vehicles Licensing Department during its annual plan aimed at upgrading the quality of public transactions to win their satisfaction and cater to their diverse needs.

"Participation in the auction could be enabled either through registration via RTA website (www.rta.ae) and paying through a credit card, or visiting any Customers Service Center in Dubai to seek assistance from employees in completing the registration and participation in the auction. This process requires a check amounting to Dh5,000 to be submitted as a security deposit before the start of the auction. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the Auction in the way it was deposited in case no successful bid is made," added Nimaat.

In a related development, the Director of Vehicles Licensing explained that a qualified and well-versed team from RTA Call Center had been deployed to respond to customer inquiries and offer correct details about how to participate and pay in the auction through calling 800 9090.

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