Rumour or fact? Dial this Dubai number

DM has developed an action mechanism called 'Certainty News'. (Shutterstock)

In an effort to limit misinformation and rumours that lack objectivity and credibility but circulate on social media channels or elsewhere, Dubai Municipality (DM) has launched a helpline for the verification of or rumours.

DM has developed an action mechanism called 'Certainty News', said Khalid Ali Bin Zayed, Director General of Dubai Municipality.

On this number, the municipality responds to questions from the public as well as rectify false news within eight hours, so that the public is fully updated with the correct information regarding what has been heard or read through other channels, he explained.

A global scientific study has proven that the phenomenon of rumours has become more relevant with the increased use of social networking sites.

Rumours may evolve in good faith, because people fail to verifying its accuracy, and therein lies a danger, because the exchange of information through these very fast means can be very impressive, said the municipality.

A committee has been set up to receive the queries, and the different departments have been instructed to respond to any such query by providing the correct information about the report.

The initiative was adopted after many queries on social media websites regarding malicious rumours or exaggerations.

The phone number to call is 800900, and has already been opened as a pilot project.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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