Rumours about Qassim qahwa not true

The executive director of the Department of Food Safety at Dubai Municipality, Khalid Mohammed Sharif, assured that Qassim qahwa is safe to drink.

Qassim qahwa is a brand of Arabic coffee that was dragged in another social media rumours claiming that the coffee contained yellow toxic substances.

But Khalid Mohammed Sharif squashing the rumours said that the qahwa is not harmful to health, reports Emarat Alyoum.

The product has gone through several safety checks and was passed through all health scrutiny. The municipality said that Qassim qahwa has Gulf and international standard clearance, stressing that the laboratory test results of samples showed that there is nothing wrong in the components of the coffee.

He said that the municipality is putting an effort to ensure the safety of people, and hence allocated a big number of food inspectors for protection of public health in terms to food.

Khalid Mohammed Sharif stressed that all foods items that enter the Emirate are under monitor, and they take random samples on a regular basis of the food, before it goes to the markets.

The food safety department appealed the residents to be more cautious, and to call on '800900' or visit its website to clarify any rumours.