Runaway maid… leads to 3 others... Dh200k fine

Sponsors of run-away workers do not have to pay for airline ticket for deporting them, if they file complaint with DNRD. (Shutterstock)

One housemaid who had run away from her sponsor was arrested.

During investigations, she led the inspectors to a shop where she was hired and working illegally. The inspectors found three more illegal housemaids working there.
Speaking to Emirates 24|7, Ali Humaid bin Khatem, Advocate-General and Head of Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Prosecution said that this was one of the strange cases that the prosecution had come across.
“When the inspectors caught the first housemaid, she led them to this retail outlet where the inspectors found female workers who were also on housemaids' visas and  who had run-away from their sponsors and were working illegally there.”
He pointed out that the inspectors got suspicious and they decided to go to the house of the shop manager.
“The inspector took the address of the shop manager from these housemaids whom he had hired and helped by giving them salaries and allowing them to stay in the country illegally.

“When the inspectors reached his house, they found out that the shop manager’s maid at home, was also a run-away housemaid.”

Ali added that the shop manager admitted during investigations that he offered these housemaids jobs, and was fined Dh200,000.

“The manager was fined Dh50,000 for each illegal housemaid he had hired and he had four of them, thus he ended up paying Dh200,000.”
He pointed out that unfortunately, many shop owners as well as individuals find it easier and much cheaper to hire illegal workers instead of hiring someone on their visa through the legal channels. 

“It is a dangerous thing, but many don’t pay attention to it. When they hire a person illegally, they put themselves as well as others in danger.

“This person is a stranger and those who hire them have no idea of their medical or security records. In this case, they put themselves, their families and others in danger.”
He added that even if these illegal workers commit any crime, it is very difficult for the authorities to find them because those who hire them know only the name they give them, and it might not be their real name.
“They might also be carrying contagious diseases, which can spread to those who hire them, to their families, or even to the customers who deal with these shops, which hire them.”
He also advised people to stay away from such illegal practices and not to hire anyone who is not on their visa.
“In this way, they won’t be violating the laws, and most importantly not hiring someone strange and unknown.”


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