Salaries of UAE federal staff raised by 100%

President sets up Dh10bn fund to help citizens; Decrees womens rights, housing and Merit Award

President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued a number of decrees within the framework of his keenness to achieve the welfare of the citizens and help them get their ambitions in a stable and comfortable life.

On the occasion of the 40th National Day celebrations, Sheikh Khalifa issued a decree to increase salaries of all federal government employees with effect from January 2012.

According to the resolution a special allowance will be given to undersecretaries and assistant undersecretaries as well as an increase of 35 per cent of the basic salary for the employees from grade 1 to 6 to be added in their transportation allowance and from grade 7 to 14 an increase of 45 per cent of the basic salary to be added in the transportation allowance.

The decree also provided members of the judiciary authority as special allowance of 100 per cent of basic salary.

The decree also included a technical allowance of 100 per cent to be added to the work nature allowance for employees in the Ministry of Health as well as for those working in the teaching field only in the Ministry of Education.

Sheikh Khalifa also granted an increase of 20 per cent of the allocation of social benefits to some cases that receive subsidies from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Debt Relief

In the framework of his concern and interest to provide a better life to his citizens, Sheikh Khalifa ordered the establishment of a fund with a capital of Dh10 billion to examine and address the loans of citizens with limited income and settling their personal loans in coordination with the Central Bank and creditor banks in the state.

Citizenship Rights

The President also ordered the relevant ministries, government departments and competent authorities to treat children of female citizens married to foreigners equally like citizens. It also granted the sons of female citizens married to foreigners, the right to apply for the UAE nationality at the age of 18.


President Khalifa in his capacity as the Ruler of the emirate of Abu Dhabi issued a decree to allocate 2,500 pieces of residential land to the citizens in the emirate of Abu Dhabi in the framework of his keenness to provide adequate housing for citizens and to achieve social stability and a secure future for themselves and their families.

Merit Award

Sheikh Khalifa also issued a federal decree establishing an annual award, which will be called the "Head of State's Merit Award", to be given in the form of a medal and financial reward and is aimed at supporting the spirit of the Union, values of giving and national cohesion by honoring loyal people with outstanding and creative contributions that will enhance the country's stature at all local, regional and international levels who provided great service.

According to decree the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs is assigned to form the Board of Trustees of the award, which will be headed by deputy minister of presidential affairs and six experience members.


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