Salesman's cleaver attack...butcher crippled

A saleman attacked a butcher with a cleaver leaving him paralysed, the Dubai Court of First Instance, heard on Tuesday. 

The 30-year-old Pakistani salesman is also accused of assaulting the butcher's cousin in another cluster at the International City, reported 'Khaleej Times'. However, the cousin escaped with minor injuries. 

The salesman confessed to attacking the butcher with a cleaver last November and stabbing him in his chest and back as well as attacking another man.

The attack allegedly followed a verbal brawl.

Meanwhile, the cousin said he suffered injuries while trying to stop the two.

When the cops arrested the accused, he had a stab wound in his leg.

He faces charge of assault leading to permanent disability. The butcher will need physiortherapy for an indefinite period, according to Rashid Hospital reports.

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