Saudi woman searches for Indian mum in UAE

41-year-old woman asks Dubai police to help find her mother. (Shutterstock)

A 41-year-old Saudi woman decided to search for her Indian mother in the UAE after she was taken away from her by her father following the couple’s divorce 35 years ago.

The woman, identified as Kholoud, has approached Dubai Police to help locate her mother after learning she moved to the UAE from India following her divorce from her father, who died nearly two months ago, according to Emarat Al Youm daily.

“Kholoud told us that she has learned her mother now lives in the UAE but that she does not know any other details,” the paper said, quoting Brigadier Mohammed Al Murr, director of the human rights department.

“We have prepared a plan to search for the mother.

We have been involved in similar humanitarian casees before and our efforts have been successful, but the problem in this case is that the mother may have changed her name following her marriage again.”

The paper quoted Fatima Al Kindi, social support director at the Dubai Woman and Child Protection Department, as saying she met Kholoud last week.

She said Kholoud told her that she was six-years-old and her brother Khaled was four when their father divorced their Indian mother in Saudi Arabia and sent her to India.

“She said that her father deprived her and her brother from seeing their mother again and that they respected his wish after they grew up.

She then was in touch with a Saudi woman who was her mother's friend.

"She told her that her mother has moved to the UAE and got married again but that she has not given her address,” Kindi said.

The paper quoted Kholoud as saying her husband has just brought her to Dubai to help find her mother following her father’s death.

“The problem is that I do not have any information about my mother’s family in India or even in which city they live.

My only hope is to find my mother in the UAE,” she said.


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