School boy allegedly raped by eight students

Abu Dhabi police arrested eight students accused of raping another school boy after beating him up and filming him with their mobile phones for blackmail, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The students stood trial on Sunday and the criminal court said they would be sentenced on May 17 after evidence showed they were all involved in that act.

The eight students, aged between 14 and 20 years, had forced the 14-year-old school boy into the house of one of them and raped him after beating him up, the semi official Arabic language daily Al Ittihad said.

Prosecutor said the defendants had first denied the charges but confessed to the crime after they were faced with pictures in their mobiles.

“They tried to threaten a witness to retract his testimony against them by sending him a message from jail,” the paper quoted a judicial source as saying.

It said that during trial, the prosecution demanded maximum punishment against the defendants in line with Islamic law on the grounds they are adults.

The report said the defendants had also used obscene photographs of their victim to blackmail him to given them money.

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