Secret call saves newborn's life in Dubai

A tip from a secret caller saved the life of an infant.
Speaking to Emirates24|7, a top official from Al Ameen Secret Police service said they have prevented several crimes from taking place as well as saved the lives of many.
“This particular case happened sometime back. The caller was a man living in a sharing accommodation in Dubai,” said the source.
“One of the women living in the accommodation was involved in an illicit relationship and got pregnant. She managed to hide her pregnancy but gave birth at home with the help of her boyfriend and others,” the official added.
“Soon after giving birth, she was thinking of ways to get rid of the baby with the help of her boyfriend. One of the tenants living with them worried about the fate of the baby, and decided to call  Al Ameen service.”
The official said that they informed Dubai Police CID, which sent a patrol immediately to the location and arrested the father and mother of the newborn.
“Upon arrest, the couple admitted they were in an illicit relationship and that they were thinking of ways to get rid of the baby,” the source said.
The case was transferred to the Public Prosecution for further investigations and they both were punished.
“Since the launch of Al Ameen service in 2003, we have succeeded in preventing large numbers of crimes from taking place. This is because of the increase in awareness among the public on the importance of this service to keep the emirate safe.”
The official urged public to report any suspicious events by calling Al Ameen on 8004888 or writing to them on . Alternatively the public can also use other channels such as WhatsApp No. 050 856 6657, BlackBerry Pin: 52ADFDE0 or by downloading Al Ameen Services App from the App Store.

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