Sharjah police find autistic child on street


Sharjah Police found a 5-year-old Arab child suffering from Autism walking on the streets of Qasba area and later handed him over to his parents.

Since the child was not able to communicate with policemen due to autism, police put his picture on the social media in order to reach his parents.

The child's father came to the police station to pick up his son after he received a call from one of his friends that the photo of his son is published on the Sharjah Police’s Twitter account.

Lt. Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz Al Radami, Director of Social Media Unit in Sharjah Police, told Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm that the child's father came to take his child after five hours being in the police station.

Lt. Al Radami noted that the patrol police found the child walking alone in Al Qasba area when he was stopped by the policemen.

They were unable to obtain any information from him because he did not respond to them because of the autism. Later he was taken to the police station.

The father told police that the child left home while they were sleeping.

The father then promised to ensure security, safety and care for the son.

The father was warned that he could be held accountable in case such incident happens again because the child is exposed to the risk of traffic accidents.


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