Sharjah's '901' for non-emergency cases

22 calls were received to tip police about beggars after Ramadan began. (Supplied)

Sharjah Police received 3,500 calls from public on the hotline number ‘901’, which was launched on June 9, 2015.

Sharjah Police launched ‘901’ for non-emergency cases. The number is open for calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide services for people who have problems, normal complaints and queries about services, but not emergencies.

The number ‘999’ is exclusively to be used only for emergency calls.

In the last two weeks, since its launch, police received 365 calls related to traffic and criminal incidents, while 22 calls were received after the advent of Ramadan to tip police about beggars. The rest were inquiry calls.

Jassim bin Hidda, Director Operations, Sharjah Police, said ‘901’ is open for public to inform police about any negative aspects they see in their neighbourhood or to alert about inadequate services.

He explained that ‘999’ needs to be dialed only in time of emergencies and ‘901’ for non-emergencies.

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