Shocked kids of murdered Pakistani woman to be sent home tomorrow

The shocked children of Sameera Kiyani, 37, a Pakistani national, who was murdered by her husband Asif Kiyani, will be finally sent to their home country this Saturday.

“As of now they are living with their maternal uncle and we hope to send them to Pakistan this Saturday,”  Mir Azhar Talpur, Welfare Consular at the Pakistan Consulate General in Dubai told Emirates 24|7.

The children are shocked and still can’t understand what has happened. “They are very small  The oldest child is a eight year old boy and I don’t think he was aware of any problems between his parents,” added the Welfare Consular.

The prime accused, Asif Kiyani has been on the run since the day of the murder and is reported to being in Pakistan. “Both the husband and the wife were living in Sharjah and the accused has fled to Pakistan. We will pursue the case in Pakistan now,” Mr. Talpur said.

Sameera Kiyani’s body was found covered in with a piece of cloth on a car seat. Strained relations between the couple seem to be the main reason that led to the murder.

As per reports, Asif left his four children with his neighbour on the day of the murder on the pretext of taking this wife to the hospital but never turned up to take the kids home. After the murder, Asif called Sameera’s cousin telling him of the kids whereabouts and fled the country, as reported in the media.

(Image via Shutterstock)