Signal-breaking truckers to be deported

Dubai’s authorities have sent a strong message to reckless truck drivers, telling them they would be immediately deported if they jump the red signal.

A senior police officer said heavy vehicle drivers committing such an offence would have their trucks seized and would be deported even if no accident is involved.

Colonel Jamal Al Banai, Acting Traffic Police Director, said these measures would be strictly enforced.

“There is no toleration for this. Any truck driver jumping the red signal will be deported immediately even if there is no accident involved in this offence. His vehicle will also be impounded,” he said, quoted by local newspapers.

“We will firmly and strictly enforce this decision given the seriousness of this offence, which poses a threat to people’s lives and public safety.”

Banai said the decision was issued after studies showed that jumping the red signal by trucks and other heavy vehicles could cause major human losses.

“It is a pre-emptive decision. It is intended to tackle a problem before it becomes widespread and before it is too late. We are also in contact with trucks companies to spread the culture of safe driving and traffic security among their drivers. We have started organising lectures in various languages to educate those drivers,” he said.

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