Sinkhole nearly swallows Land Cruiser in Al Ain

A sinkhole in Al Ain nearly swallowed a Toyota Land Cruiser whole, much to the surprise and alarm of residents.

As these pictures will testify, the car, parked on the sidewalk near Al Ain’s busy central market known as the 'gold market' area, sank into the earth as the ground opened up.

According to eyewitnesses, quoted by Al Bayan, the driver parked and walked into one of the shops nearby.

When he returned a large crowd had gathered and his car was half-sunk into the ground.

The collapse of the pavement on which the car was parked opened up a hole that was more than two metres deep and three metres wide, according to reports.

Traffic patrols, Civil Defense vehicles and Al Ain Municipality officials rushed to the site.

One of the engineers was quoted as saying that the hole was caused due to the leakage of large quantities of sewage in the tunnel below. “Also electrical cables located under the pavement added to the fragility of the soil,” he added.

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