Six men mug cabbie and steal his phone, wallet

Five men and a juvenile allegedly surrounded a pedestrian at around 3pm at Naif area and stole his wallet and mobile phone, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Ashraf Khan, 45, Pakistani, taxi driver, testified that at around 3pm on February 2, he was walking in the street alone at Naif area when all of a sudden a group of men surrounded him with one of them kicking him from behind and another freezing his movement and a third pulling out his wallet and mobile phone.

“They have stolen my wallet which contained Dh725 and personal papers. They also stole my mobile phone set and ran away,” he said.

The victim reported the incident to police and on the same day, police suspected six people who were near the Union Square metro station.

JK and FK, both 26; KK and MA, both 22; and FM, 19, who were all Pakistanis confessed to the accusation and police confiscated with them the victim’s wallet which contained a labour card and a driving licence in addition to DH98 and Rs11 and three mobile phone sets, testified Mohammed Ibrahim, First Lieutenant.

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