Skycourts gets proper entry and exit roads… after 18 months of wait

Works on the road infrastructure around Dubailand community Skycourts have been completed and the ‘proper’ entry and exit roads were opened to public on Friday, report residents of the community.

The Skycourt complex is located between Emirates Road and Dubai Bypass Road and is served by Al Ain Highway, about 15 kilometers from Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

A proper entry road towards the complex was built and opened in June 2011 after residents demanded proper access to the building which started receiving inhabitants from March 2011.

However, residents of the area – which also services The Villas community – had to rely on a dangerous uneven exit patch to get onto the Highway until yesterday. It took another one-and-a-half year for the proper entry and exit roads to be built for the Dubailand community in that area.

Skycourts and The Villas together make a rough 4,000 in population.

“I have seen the new roads - which took several accidents and more than 18 months - to be built. But it’s better late than never. It will be safer and easier to get in and out now,” tells S. Kumar, an Indian resident of the community.

“I, however, cannot understand the fascination the road builders have with roundabouts. The entry and exit are inter-connected with a new roundabout in the area,” he added.

When this website reported about the situation half a year ago, residents complained of limited options to enter or exit Al Ain Road, long loops when wanting to make a turn and hazardous gateways where entry or exit was available.

The current entry road will be transformed into the new exit road. “This is good news as the new exit to Al Ain Road will be much before the one we currently use. The old one is very close to the right turn-off for Dubai Bypass Road, used mostly by trucks and other heavy vehicles and quite unsafe,” said Kumar.

The entry points to and from Skycourts have been a subject of frustration for the residents, who refer to the situation as recipe for accidents waiting to happen. At least six accidents have been reported from the beginning of this year in the area.

"There is a huge gap between the access road and the highway, where cars and trucks are passing by at a very high speed. Getting onto the highway is an extremely dangerous thing to do," said Rajesh R, a Skycourts property owner earlier this year.

The road works have been a cooperative project between Dubai Properties Group and Road and Transport Authority (RTA). Comments were not available at this point of time.  


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