Slow Down: Dubai to put up 50 more speed cams

New devices can hunt speedsters and traffic light jumpers

Dubai, pinched by excessive road violations, is planning to deploy 50 sophisticated police cameras that can hunt drivers who exceed the speed limit or jump the red lights, according to its traffic police acting chief.

The new devices, which will raise to nearly 630 the number of speed cameras on the emirate’s streets, will be installed on new roads and junctions that have seen a series of accidents over the past period, Colonel Saif Al Mazroui said.

“The new cameras have already been imported…they are dual-function devices as they can hunt speedsters and those who jump the red lights,” he said, quoted by the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum.

“The plan has been prompted by a series of accidents on those roads…many drivers insist on violating the rules and jumping the red lights in the absence of police cameras,” he added, without specifying those areas.

He said the new devices would be directly linked to the central police traffic system, allowing them to transmit the offences once they are committed.

“Once it is transmitted, police will send SMS to the driver who committed it and this will save time and shut the door for any objections by the offenders.”’

Mazroui said the new cameras would soon be supplied to the Roads and Telecommunications Authority to install them in the assigned areas.


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