Smart Gates: New Dubai-Abu Dhabi speed radars for foggy conditions

A new speed control method called the smart gate will be installed on the main roads connecting Abu Dhabi to the rest of the country.

The gate functions as a fog censor, which will send a signal to the control room, which will then send the directive of an adjusted speed limit.

The smart gate was presented by Abu Dhabi Police at the recently concluded Gitex Technology Week 2015, and is already operative at one location, that being in front of Al Rahma Mall on Dubai-Abu Dhabi Road.

In total, 69 smart gates will be installed on Dubai - Abu Dhabi Road, Abu Dhabi - Al Ain Road and Abu Dhabi - Western Region Road.

"There have been a lot of fog-related accidents on these roads," said Marzouq Saeed al Zaabi, Traffic Systems Engineer at Abu Dhabi Police.

When there is reduced visibility, motorists are urged to reduce speed and be extra cautious on the road.

However, these recommendations are not binding and there is no official speed limit in cases of reduced visibility.

"The smart gate will dictate the reduced speed limit depending on the visibility at that time and place.

The gate has an inbuilt speed radar which can capture the speed of the car as it passes."

The gate will be installed every four to six kilometres in order to remind road users of the speed limit.

"It will be reduced gradually and be increased gradually as the visibility changes.

"This could happen due to other things than fog, such as dust as well."

The first batch of gates will be installed next year on Dubai-Abu Dhabi Road and an awareness campaign will be launched in December this year.

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