Smartphone under Dh500 with free cameras, VR headsets

As value priced smartphones flood the market, coupled with features that could rival some of the big names in the business, retailers at the Gitex Shopper this spring have bundled up the buys with some nifty add-ons.

While one offers up an action camera, another bundle serves up a VR gear for free.

Here are the best from the rest to check out:

Buy phone, snap up an action camera

Snap up a Lenovo Vibe P1Mini this Shopper and you can walk away with an action camera or a boombox.

The Emax deal allows you pick up the nifty Android Lollipop OS phone, with a 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, which is expandable to 32GB.

The smartphone comes with an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera.

The phone itself costs Dh499, but comes with a choice of a Nilox Action Camera worth Dh649 or a Magicstar Boombox worth Dh799.

For the selfie-taking smart kid

If you too have a child who’s turned selfie taking into a national pastime, and is badgering you for a phone with a better front facing camera, then look no further.

This Shopper, Sharaf DG has an exclusive deal on Obi Pelican S507 4G LTE smartphone, which packs all the essentials a young teen needs to survive, along with an 8MP front camera and a 13MP back camera.

The phone is priced at Gitex at Dh399, which is Dh300 down from its original Dh699 price.

Bundle up your phone and tab

If you are looking for that first phone and a tablet for your child’s educational needs, then E-City has a deal on i.Onik, which allows you to pick up its i423 smartphone and its i723, 7-inch Dual-Core Wi-Fi tablet for Dh249.

Heavy on features, low on price

If you are in the market for a phone that is heavy on features and easy on the pocket, then the Microsoft Lumia 535 could fit the bill.

With a 5MP wide-angle front camera, the phone is originally priced at Dh890. But at One Mobile, the deal comes with a Dh150 voucher for immediate use, along with a du 1GB monthly data deal, along with a 32GB memory card.

All this puts the price at Dh469.

Virtually bundled

VR gear is creating a buzz at Gitex Shopper this year, and retailers are not stopping to bundle it up with smartphones, DSLR cameras and television deals.

But everything does not have to break the bank to nab a free deal on one. An Emax deal on the Xtouch X4 Android phone is priced at Dh399, and comes with a VR Headset worth Dh199. You save 33 per cent on this bundle offer.