Spend Dh600 and get 5-star trained maid in Dubai

Having a house help is one of the luxuries that we have in Dubai and getting a perfect one can be a dream for many.

Even though most countries that send housemaids to the UAE have their own training programmes, they may not teach the maids things that you are very precise about.

And, hence, many companies in the city have come up with training programmes that promise housemaids to teach everything that is required for the upkeep of your house.

The latest one comes from home maintenance company, Hitches & Glitches. They are offering a training course for housemaids throughout the summer. They promise to train your maid to five-star standards in a matter of days starting at Dh590.

It’s a few hour course spread over two days that aims to cover the ‘dos and don’ts’ of cleaning sanitary areas, living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen areas and will provide practical tips on how to use cleaning products effectively and sustainably.

Another company, The Perfect Help, also provides training session to cover all areas of housekeeping. The company offers a four hour bathroom and bedroom cleaning session. The course can include up to two helpers for a price of Dh800. A course handbook and certificate of completion is given to attendees and a full written report is sent to the employer after the course. Similar courses are available for kitchen and laundry training too.

Besides the cleaning crash courses on offer, there is also a good manners and serving etiquette training course. This session takes one full day and is priced at Dh3,000.

Sparkle and Shine Middle East also provides professional training courses for domestic staff, which range from half day workshops to four week courses to train.

These are housekeeping without chemicals, CPR and emergency response and kitchen hygiene and food preparation courses that employers can choose from.

The students are given course notes and handouts that can be taken to their place of work and the company stays in touch with their employers to ensure the course content has been retained.

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