Spiderman plans to net world's tallest twisted tower in his web


Alain Robert, nicknamed, the French Spiderman, has climbed more than130 tall towers in the world, including Burj Khalifa, Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and the Petronas Towers.

But among all his scaled achievements, there hasn’t been any twisted tower.

Alain Robert in Abu Dhabi. People watch as Robert easily reaches the top of the National Telecommunications building in 20 minutes

Dubai, now, offers him that opportunity.

Robert will be in the emirate next month to study the Cayan Tower, the world's tallest tower featuring a 90-degree twist, which he is likely to conquer before year-end.

“I have seen the pictures of Cayan Tower, but I will be in Dubai in July to study the building. I am very glad that he [Cayan Chairman] has given me the approval,” Robert told Emirates 24|7.

The 75-storey Cayan Tower, formerly Infinity Tower, in Dubai Marina is a 310 metre high.

So will he be climbing without a safety harness?

“At this point of time I don’t know whether it has to be done with a safety harness or not.”

Robert, however, had to use a rope and safety harness during his ascent of the 828-metre Burj Khalifa in Dubai to comply with organisers' requirements.

French Spiderman Scaling Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia

He told this website last year that he wanted to climb Burj Al Arab, the Princess Tower and The Landmark, Abu Dhabi.

Next climb is in Poland

Robert reveals he will be climbing a tower in Poland in July followed by one in Paris, where he will be releasing his book.

“I have received a lot of invites from global developers, who want me to climb their towers.”

Robert climbed the Cuban capital's landmark Habana Libre hotel in February without any safety equipment. He reached the top of the 27-storey tower in about half an hour.

In March, he, however, told BBC Radio 5 that he won't be climbing The Shard in London, western Europe's tallest building.

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