Sting operation exposes maid’s cruelty


In what could be a scene out of a spy blockbuster from Hollywood, an Emirati mother who suspected her Ethiopian housemaid of mistreating her three children, has exposed the misdeeds of the maid with the help of a hidden video camera.

Samira Nabil, the mother, was shocked on watching the video footage of her housemaid beating up her kids and also burning them, all this while the mother was away at work.

The Emirati mother-of-three said she became suspicious recently after noticing a sudden change in the behaviour of her children, and decided to secretly watch the housemaid at her house in Ajman, the Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm reported on Monday.

So she installed a hidden video camera in the children’s bedroom and went to work…when she came back later, she watched the footage, the paper reported.

“Samira said she was shocked when she saw the maid beat her children up, treat them cruelly and incite them against their parents,” it reported.

Emarat Al Youm said three of its reporters saw the footage showing the housemaid beating the children up, adding that the maid had also burned the children.

Samira, who has one daughter and two sons, said she was shocked at the maid’s behaviour especially since she has been treated nicely by the family during her seven-year service with them.

“Samira said she had decided to watch the maid when she started to notice a sudden change in her children’s behaviour over the past three months…she said she noticed they began to suffer from fear and other psychological disorders so she decided to consult her relatives, who advised her to keep an eye on the maid.”

Samira said that when her husband confronted the maid with the recording, she claimed she did this to correct the kids and force them to obey their parents.

The paper said Samira’s husband informed Ajman Police, who arrested the maid after watching the film.

The mother said her children were afraid of telling her about the bearing because the maid had threatened them of bigger punishment if they told their parents.