Stormy weather tears down exhibition hall

Stormy weather last night hit the UAE, causing at least one major accident.

Close to 50 people were injured when the wall of a exhibition hall collapsed in Al Ain following strong winds.

The incident occurred at around 8.30pm at a temporary exhibition centre near the market in Al Khabisi, close to Jimmy Hospital in Al Ain.

One of the eye witness told Emirates 24l7 that the exhibition hall was selling mostly Chinese products and was filled with people.

“The temporary structure of the hall could not withstand the strong winds. One of the side walls collapsed bringing the hall down completely. Most of the goods from various shops were seen flying around even as people were screaming out for help,” said Moideen KP from Al Ain.

According to reports quoting Deputy Director of Al Ain Police, Colonel Mohammed Suhail Rashidi, civil defence and rescue officials were rushed to the spot and the injured were shifted to Al Jimi and Tawam Hospital. Police have also launched an investigation into the accident.

The forecast for the rest of the week remains stormy with scattered rain.

Poor visibility and rough seas have also been predicted, as the weather is likely to remain unsettled until Thursday.


The NCMS has also warned Sharjah residents about slippery roads, water-logged alleys, dusty wind and low visibility.
Some traffic accidents related to the weather were reported on Monday.

Masafi, the mountainous north, received the maximum rain in the UAE during the past 12 hours, 31.4mm, followed by other areas in the region such as Diddenana, Mobarah Mountains which received around 25mm of rain.

The Sharjah airport received 10mm of rain overnight on Sunday.

Al Ain

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), has issued an alert about the chances of heavy rain causing flooding of valleys in Al Ain and other areas close to the eastern coast.

Moderate winds will blow across the country, kicking up dust over open land areas.

Rain clouds have lined up over the sea from areas above neighbouring Gulf state Qatar all the way to Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE.

East coast

The UAE received 31mm of rain until 8am on Monday. Hail was reported in some areas in the eastern coast such as Masafi.

Officials cautioned residents and urged them to comply with weather warnings issued by the authorities. Residents are strongly advised against venturing into the sea as waves reached heights up to 6 feet. Motorists need to be vigilant too, officials said.

Expect unstable weather
conditions till Wednesday

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