Strangest requests at Dubai restaurants: 'Ate half, paying half'


We’re all entitled to complain about bad customer service, but what about the waiters and waitresses?

Can they complain about bad customers?

Well, the majority usually don’t.

A number of waiters and waitresses, who shall not be named, have shared some of their bizarre experiences with Emirates 24|7.

Food portions are too big

Would you complain that there’s too much food on your plate? One waiter recalls people who did.

"First they complained the food given to them was too much, and then they blamed me because I didn’t inform them how big the meals were!

“It’s common sense and it’s a standard portion, how would I know how big or small your appetite is?"

"So they only ate half of the food on the plate and half the dessert, and at the time of paying the bill, they said they would only pay half because they only ate half of everything and they blamed me and the restaurant for not informing them about the size of the meals."

"They should be thankful to have a good sized portion for a good price, instead of being mean and ungrateful.

“They were trying to negotiate the prices, but I told him that I wasn’t authorised to change the menu prices, so my manager stepped in, and she’s tough, she told him if he was not happy with the pricing then they could eat somewhere else next time, so the customer had to pay the full price."

Taste like Starbucks

One waitress recalled a pair of diners who seemed to have a knack for going overboard while placing an order for a meal.

"This is a Lebanese grill restaurant and once a couple asked for a café latte but they insisted that it should taste like Starbucks."

"I told them that would not be possible. The gentleman started raising his voice. I thought he was really crazy.

“I explained that Starbucks is a separate brand with their own taste and different types of beans and flavours are used to get that taste. So they later ordered expresso, but it had to be exactly '100 degrees' hot."

Private restroom, bigger mirror

Another waitress from a JBR restaurant thought she had heard it all, but not quite.

"Once there were these ladies who had their dinner and made a loud complaint about the restroom. They wanted a private one with a bigger mirror.

“I have never known anyone to complain like this. I mean, who complains about a restroom and the mirror? It’s clean and the size is adequate for four or five people to use it at a time, but these ladies made a huge fuss and demanded to see the manager.

“When I called him and quickly briefed him, my normally calm manager thought they were crazy, but after talking to them, he confirmed it."  

Explain yourself

What do you do if the menu is clear, detailed and concise? Ask as many unnecessary questions as possible, of course.

"A group of guys wanted me to explain almost everything on the menu, and I don’t mind explaining as it is our job, but not absolutely everything.

“Everything was already clearly mentioned and the ingredients listed, so I was very angry because they were wasting my time, but in this industry we have to be very patient otherwise you have to work somewhere else."

"If they were allergic then I get it, but none of them in the group had allergies! My colleagues had a really good laugh that day as I was standing for nearly 10 minutes in front of them, and when I asked them if I should come back while they decide, they said they’re ready, and again came the questions!"

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