Supreme Court hears witness in terror case

The State Security Department at the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi heard today (Monday) a witness in a case of four defendants accused of providing money to two terrorist organisations.

The next court session will be on April 11 to hear the pleadings of the defence lawyers of the accused.

Earlier, the public prosecution indicted the four defendants - Arab and North American citizens - of committing a hostile act against a sisterly state by providing money to the two terrorist organisations - Battalion February 17 and Fajr Libya Militia, affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to the public prosecution, they acted without permission from the competent government authorities.

The accused provided the cash to them with prior knowledge that they were financing the terrorist operations. The defendants also provided tools that help the terrorist to achieve their purposes, including equipment, vehicles, radios, night vision binoculars and raincoats.

The court also heard a number of cases related to state security in the presence of some relatives of the defendants and representatives of the media in the country.