Surfing obscene sites a criminal offence

Abu Dhabi authorities have issued a stern warning to the public against using and surfing obscene websites, saying offenders can be easily detected and could face at least six months in prison plus up to Dh1 million fine.
In a statement, Judicial Department said the emirate’s security authorities have the technology to detect all those who use, surf or download obscene and porno programmes online wherever they are inside and outside the UAE.
It said authorities, who are cooperating with competent security systems abroad, have recently tracked and arrested six men involved in such offences.
“The security authorities in Abu Dhabi will not tolerate such serious offences, especially those  involving obscene films for children… authorities have the technology to detect all those involved in these crimes although they use software programmes allowing them to hack banned websites in the country,” said the statement, published in the Dubai-based Arabic language daily ‘Al Bayan’.
“Our experts have succeeded recently, in collaboration with international authorities, to identify and locate the whereabouts of six men involved in using and publishing obscene online films for children…they have been arrested for interrogation.”
The statement said those convicted in such offences would be jailed for at least six months and fined between Dh150,000 and Dh1m.

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