Teachers in Indian schools should talk less, says KHDA

The KHDA report for private schools has made specific recommendations for schools across each curriculum

In a typical Indian classroom setting, the teacher is the focal point and he/she talks during the lesson and the students are expected to listen to what is being said with pin-drop silence.

For people, who are used to this age-old system of education, think this is perhaps the best way to impart wisdom. Not so, believes Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). They have in fact said Indian teachers should limit their talking time in the classroom and let students engage in more constructive activities during the lesson.

These recommendations have been published in detail by website http://whichschooladvisor.com 

“Teachers in most Indian schools should reduce the amount of time they talk in lessons and increase opportunities for students to discuss, collaborate with each other, find things out for themselves and explore links between their learning and real-life contexts,” reads the website.

The KHDA report for Private Schools 2012-13 has made specific recommendations for schools across each curriculum.

A few UK schools still need to align what they teach and how they assess students’ outcomes more closely to UK curriculum and standards, says the report.

Schools offering a US curriculum should, as a matter of urgency, reduce the significant proportion of students who are under-achieving in key subjects, especially mathematics and science, it adds.

For schools offering the IB programmes, KHDA suggests that they should strengthen students’ attainment and progress in all key subjects at the MYP phase.

“Schools should radically review the curriculum they provide in Ministry of Education (MOE) schools to ensure that it is less focused on knowledge and that all students are provided with well-planned, meaningful opportunities to develop key skills in English, mathematics and science.”

On the other hand, French schools should develop more flexible approaches to the curriculum, teaching and learning so that the needs of the wide range of learners are met in lessons.

Most (other curriculum) schools should improve students’ investigative skills in mathematics and science so that they achieve international standards, summarizes the report.

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