Technical team for Dubai Frame project formed


Hussein Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality issued an administrative decision to form a technical team for the Dubai Frame project, which will be formed in the municipality under the Administrative Decision No 70 of 2011.

The committee, under the Chairmanship of Muaviya AbdulRahman Saffarini, Head of Construction Audit Unit in the Buildings Department, will include Roxy Bino, Urban Planning and Design Expert in the Planning Department (Vice-Chairman), Adil Mohamed Askar, Principal Structural Engineer in the Buildings Department (member), Ghaith Rashid Al Ghaith, Structural Engineer in the Buildings Department (member), and Hamed Shaker Ibrahim, Principal Structural Engineer in the Buildings Department (Reporter).

The administrative decision states that in order to fulfill the entrusted tasks the team could seek the help of whoever it deems appropriate with experience and competence of both the staff of the Municipality or from outside.

The team, is also assigned the task of preparing the studies and initial structural design of the Dubai Frame project, in addition to the estimating the cost, preparing a comprehensive study to verify the safety of the project, its technical feasibility, direct supervision of the work of the existing bodies on the implementation of the project and a periodic follow-up to its work.

The team will also work to modify the initial plans and structural design of the Dubai Frame project in the event of any amendment thereto to comply with the architectural design of the final project, coordinate and follow-up between senior management in the Municipality and those responsible for completion of the project, hold  necessary meetings with the agency responsible for its implementation, provide technical and administrative advice to them to facilitate their work, and prepare a timetable for the stages of implementation in coordination with the agency responsible for implementation with an estimated financial cost of each phase.

The team is also entrusted with the development of measures and appropriate solutions to the various constraints that could be facing the implementation of the Dubai Frame project, and review, audit and approve the technical work of the organization assigned with the design and implementation of the project.

It should be noted that the Dubai Frame project was selected from the 926 design proposals for a Tall Emblem Structure in Za’abeel Park in the city of Dubai through an international competition. The Competition was held by ThyssenKrupp Elevator in collaboration with Dubai Municipality, under the auspices of the International Union of Architects for the purpose of adding an aesthetic addition to the excellent face for the city of Dubai and encouraging the architecture movement and local and global architects.

The project has followed an entirely different design approach and tried to promote the emirate as a whole. Through Dubai Frame project, it is intended to project a glamorous showpiece with quality characteristics, rather than build a huge new structure among the large amount of huge projects. Its design aims to build a "vacuum" frame to be a window overlooking the developments and the current and future changes taking place in Dubai. The window will be of 150 × 105 meters dimension. The project will be symbolic of a structure between the old Dubai and the modern Dubai, and the location is convenient for the idea of the window.

The proposed building will contain on the ground floor cultural facilities such as a photography exhibition of scenes from the city of Dubai, ancient and modern and on the top of the structure will be a bridge of glass at a height of 150 meters, which increases the excitement.

The task of the participants in the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award in 2009 was to design an innovative new symbolic tower in Zabeel Park in Dubai, designed to add more sparkle to the new urban face of the emirate, to promote tourism and other recreational, scientific and cultural activities.

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