Teen cardiac deaths rise... Another Indian youngster dies of heart attack in Abu Dhabi

Nasneen Naser, a Grade 12 student of Indian Islamic School Abu Dhabi. (SUPPLIED)

In a second incident in less than a month, an Indian teenager died of stroke this weekend in the UAE.

The 17-year-old Nasneen Naser – a Grade 12 student of Indian Islamic School Abu Dhabi – succumbed to a heart attack after a party at one of her relatives’ place on Friday night.

She is survived by her father Abdul Naser, creative director advertising firm, Team Y and R Advertising; a brother and a sister.

The teenager experienced uneasiness and collapsed at the party. She was rushed to the hospital, but could not be saved, according to her relatives.

This is the second such incident reported among young students in the UAE. Earlier this month, Nikhil, a graduate student who had been suffering from heart ailment passed away after collapsing while watching television at home.

Cardiologists believe that heart attack is no more a problem affecting only middle-aged people. Youngsters are increasingly being affected.

Ironically, Nasneen died on the eve of the World Heart Day. And the theme this year is to highlight the need to take remedial measures to save females - children and women - from the second-largest killer disease in the world.

Another victim

Meanwhile, on Friday night, Shamir, 33, an Indian, died of heart attack in Al Musafa area of Abu Dhabi. He was found dead on Saturday morning. He has been working as cutting master at Fashion Fabrics, and is survived by wife and two young children.

Relatives of both the heart attack victims are trying to repatriate their body after completing the formalities.

According to VJ Sebastian, Consultant Cardiologist and Head Medical Director, International Modern Hospital, Dubai, relatively younger and obese people are prone to suffer heart attacks and other heart ailments.

Dr Sebastian recalled attending to a 21-year-old Indian who died of heart disease in Dubai.

According to the World Heart Federation, heart diseases are the number one killer of women. “It is a myth that heart disease and stroke only affect older men. Cardio-vascular diseases (CVDs) affect as many women as men, however, their risk is seriously underestimated,” the Federation said in a statement on the World Heart Day - (September 29).



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