Teen's jump from Dubai Mall 1st floor: Twitter pic helps police locate him quickly

The Twitter picture of the attempted jump from Dubai Mall's first floor on Friday.

Police have arrested a 17-year-old UAE national who tried to jump down from the first floor of Dubai Mall on Friday. Three of his friends have also been arrested.

Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Mansouri, Director of Criminal Investigation, Dubai Police, said the youth faces the charge of attempted suicide.

Dubai Mall’s first floor height is almost equal to that of a four-storey building. Picture of the attempted jump was published on the social networking website Twitter.

Major-General Al Mansouri said in spite of lack of clarity of the Twitter picture, police succeeded in arresting the teenager and his three friends inside Dubai Mall within one hour of the publication of the picture after distibuting the picture to the mall's security men.

It is still unclear whether the teenager was really trying to jump from the first floor or just having fun with friends.

Col Ali Ahmed Ghanem, director of the Bur Dubai police station, said the teenager’s father is a government employee.






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