The Spirit of the Union car parade on Yas Island

Prizes for top 3 most originally decorated cars on Thursday

A highlight of the UAE 40th anniversary celebrations’ will take place on Thursday when the Official Decorated Cars Carnival parades around Yas Island. Patriotic motorists who have decorated their vehicles with Emirati symbols of pride and celebration are being urged to participate in this official parade of decorated cars and motorcycles. The vibrant carnival-style celebration of national pride will unite residents from all sectors of the UAE community to celebrate the nations’ 40th anniversary.

Parade participants and spectators are requested to gather at the meeting point, located in the Parking F4 area next to the Flash Forum on Yas Island, from 2pm. A buzzing market area will be set-up offering a range of food and beverage offerings in addition to traditional wares from the Khalifa Fund. The meeting point will generate an electrifying atmosphere of celebration as the congregation of decorated vehicles and spectators gather for the beginning of the parade at 5 P.M.  The parade will tour Yas Island in a jovial celebration of this auspicious occasion until 1am. During this time spectators will be treated to a glorious national parade of Emirati cars.

As an added incentive three of the most inventively decorated cars will be awarded valuable prizes. To be in with a chance to win motorists must be creative, abide by the branding guidelines when using the Spirit of the Union logo and most importantly the safety of the car and driver should be an utmost priority.

Participants are required to observe all public and traffic safety regulations.

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