Three accused of kidnapping and murder attempt

Three Indians allegedly attempted to kidnap a compatriot, stole his belongings and threatened to kill him, a Dubai court was told.

While being taken away in a taxi, the victim waved to people in a car passing by the taxi. The two persons inside the car happened to be policemen who rescued him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

According to the prosecution sheet, AK, 28, JP, 21, and RK, 27, have been accused of kidnapping, threatening with killing and stealing wallets and mobile phone of BB, 25, truck driver.

BB testified before the prosecution that the three men kidnapped and threatened to kill him with a cleaver and sharp tools, then stole his wallet containing Dh1,300 and his mobile phone.

“The incident happened around 9:00 pm while I was going to visit my brother in Al Muhaisna 2. I was walking in Al Khawaneej Street when AK called my name and asked me about one of our compatriots. I told him I didn’t have any information about that person. He threatened to beat me if I refused to give him any details. Then JP came and punched me from behind. RK and AK caught me before they took away my mobile phone and labour card,” he said.

They requested a taxi using my phone. When it arrived AK pulled out a cleaver from under his clothes and threatened to kill me if I refused to tell them the whereabouts of that person. AK then told his associates that they should take him to a distant place and behead me,” BB testified.

The three forced the victim to go with them in the taxi, and they asked the taxi driver to drop them at Al Barsha.

“They seated me in the middle of the backseat and asked me to keep silent and threatened to assault me with the sharp tools if I spoke in the taxi or asked for any help.

As the taxi stopped at a red light signal, I waved to a civilian car that had stopped beside our vehicle and cried “save me, save me”. The two civilians who were in the car, pulled us over and they turned out to be plain-clothed policemen. Meanwhile, AK took out the cleaver and hid it under the seat,” BB told the prosecutors.

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