Three burnt man's genitals before killing him

Three Nigerian students have been accused of molesting and burning private parts of a compatriot before beating him to death, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Tuesday.

The Prosecution accused KNM, 21, ASS, 23, and the girl identified as LOI, 20, of assaulting Sulaiman take revenge for having sex with LOI without her permission.

They beat him up with their hands and belts they had brought. They also used a knife that they heated and LOI burnt Sulaiman’s genitals on June 17. They all had allegedly consumed alcohol.

Second Lieutenant Obaid Dhaen testified that during the duty he received a notification from the Operation Room about a body found in a flat in Jebel Ali.

“Accompanied with other police staff, we rushed to the crime scene and saw the body of the victim lied on a sofa with bruises on his face. Some of them who were there in the flat were detained. KNM admitted to assaulting the victim together with ASS and LOI. The rest who were detained have known about the crime and did not inform the police. KNM told investigators that ASS fled the country on the same night of the crime. He guided police to the location on LOI who initially denied the accusation but later admitted to it.”

KNM confessed to investigators that two days before the crime, he went with the victim together with the other two accused and other friends to attend a party in Armani Club in Burj Khalifa. After the party they went to a flat where the victim raped LOI who was under the influence of alcohol and was sleeping. She got angry when she later knew what had happened to her and asked for revenge or complain to the police.

LOI asked KNM to drag the victim into his flat and assault him. KNM and ASS met the victim and told him that LOI is very angry and had asked to beat Sulaiman or inform police. The victim chose to be assaulted rather than inform the police about the rape. They all left to ASS flat and LOI also came. She talked to the victim privately to be sure that he had raped her. As he confirmed the incident to her she asked the other two to assault him. KNM confessed that he punched the victim on different parts his body and then used a belt to thrash him. Similarly did ASS.

LOI confessed the crime to investigators and narrated the same story. But said that she realised her being raped when she woke up and saw him naked sleeping next to her. She admitted that she had asked the other two to discipline Sulaiman.

She admitted that she had talked to the victim privately and he confirmed to her that he had raped her. As the three were confirmed that he raped her they assaulted him. However, she denied using any tool but she has only slapped him on the face.

Forensic doctor Fawzi Abdul Salam reported that the victim sustained internal bleedings in his skull resulting either from hitting the head with a hard body or hitting it with a hard object with more likely the second case. He testified that these injuries are fatal and they caused his death as he did not receive immediate treatment. The victim’s private part was also burnt with a very heated tool, he testified.


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