Tired? Hire an agency in Dubai to run all your errands

Professional delivery and pick-up services cover everything from bill payment to air-ticket bookings

We are used to getting our laundry, food from restaurants, drinking water and groceries delivered, but a new concept surfacing in the UAE is tailor-made delivery and pick-up services for just about anything and everything.

Companies in Dubai provide such services, albeit in a limited number of localities as of now.

Their current services include food delivery, cinema tickets, bill payment, shopping, documents delivery and air ticket bookings.

Soon to be added services are car service and car licence renewal.

“[We] provide courier service for the pick-up and delivery of your time sensitive items.

“We get your stuff to their destination safely. Typically, our representative picks up your stuff within the duration scheme that you choose (immediate/flexible/relaxed) and you choose whether you need a car or a bike,” explains on such company.

The good thing about this service is that all the goods of the customers are insured to avoid any loss to the clients.

As of now, the company caters to areas within new Dubai like Emirates Living, JLT, Dubai Marina, Knowledge Village, among others.

“If you want to get something delivered from Emirates Hills to Dubai Marina, the charges will be Dh20 if you prefer motorcycle service and Dh25 if the delivery is done by car.

“Once the order is placed, it will take one hour for the delivery boy to be at your door step,” an executive at the company says.

Another company in the emirate claims to deliver anything from a birthday cake to flowers to food from a restaurant that doesn’t deliver.

They will also do your groceries, pick-up your altered clothes, glasses from the optician, medicines from the pharmacy, just about anything in Dubai that you need to buy but do not have time for.

The rate for pickup and delivery is set at flat price of Dh45 for all areas within Dubai.

No matter where the item needs to be bought from and eventually dropped off to, the price will remain unchanged. For additional stops a surcharge of Dh15 will apply (per stop), mentions the company.

“We can also work out pricing solutions for customised orders that are carried out on a regular basis (ex: pick up lunch from Restaurant XYZ 5 times a week),” the company says.

“This is a relatively new concept. I’ve not tried it but would definitely do it once just to see if they are worth it,” Peter Newman, a resident of The Greens says.

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