Toyota recall may affect Dubai taxis

Exact number of cabs impacted will be determined soon, says Toyota

With Japanese auto giants Toyota recalling 7.4 million cars worldwide over safety issues the Dubai Taxi Corporation’s ‘Camry fleet’ is also likely to be affected.

The UAE figures for Toyota stand at a total of 65,085 cars, of which 35,647 are Camry.

However, Al Futtaim Motors, the distributor of Toyota vehicles, was unable to determine the exact number of Camrys that could impact the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC).

“We are working on the exact number and hope to have identified by fleet customer the VINs (Vehicle Identification Number) originally sold to them,” their spokesperson told Emirates 24|7.

Al Futtaim has been in talks with the Dubai Taxi Corporation about the recall process.

“We have briefed the acting CEO of DTC on the situation and he showed great support and understanding.

“We will be sharing a list of the affected vehicles with DTC management as soon as possible and they will then advise those that are still in service.

“We will then agree on the remedial process for those units,” added the spokesperson.

Although the recall process has started Toyota was unable to give the exact number of cars called in for the check.

When Emirates 24l7 contacted the DTC, their representative said, “Dubai Taxi Corporation are in constant contact with Al Futtaim regarding this matter.  Al Futtaim is currently in the midst of ascertaining whether DTC vehicles are being affected on this issue or not.”

The Toyota recall was triggered following safety issues regarding the vehicle’s power master window switch.

“The purpose of the campaign is to inspect the sliding electrical contact module in the driver’s side Power Window Master Switch (PWMS),” said a statement from Al Futtaim Motors’ Managing Director Simon Firth.

“If the customer has applied commercially available lubricants to address any sticky feeling of the switch, it is possible that the switch could melt.”

In the UAE, the models affected are Camry, Corolla, Rav4, Sequoia and Yaris, manufactured between 2006 and 2010.

Camry March 2006 - April 2010 35,647 vehicles
Corolla October 2006 - May 2010 13,833 vehicles
RAV 4 September 2006 - May 2010 3,443 vehicles
Sequoia November 2007 - December 2008 237 vehicles
Yaris February 2006 - April 2010 11,925 vehicles

The campaign has kick-started, with Toyota contacting its customers directly for an appointment at their service centers, where the vehicles will undergo a 45-minute inspection.



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Toyota recalls 65,000 cars in UAE

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