TRA signs two new agreements worth Dh42m with Dubai University

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced the signing of two new agreements worth over Dh42 million through TRA’s financing entity ICT Fund.

The agreements are in line with the TRA’s continuing commitment to help in the growth and development of the UAE’s academic segment, especially universities and colleges.

The signing of the agreements also follows the TRA’s efforts to prepare national human resources to support the economic sectors in the country with qualified professionals and build a competitive economy led by national youth with creative and innovative spirit.

The first agreement worth Dh35 million is aimed at establishing an engineering college in Dubai University covering key specialties like ICT engineering and electronic engineering.

The second agreement is to provide 12 scholarships in addition to a scholarship from a previously signed agreement in 2015 with Dubai University through the "Betha" programme, which is one of the initiatives of the TRA to promote the role of the national education sector. A total of Dh7.1 million worth of scholarships will be offered.

Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director-General, said that the TRA is planning to sign various agreements related with higher education during GITEX 2016.

The agreements aim to achieve the TRA’s goals and enhance its social responsibility in terms of building an Emirati generation that is able to keep pace with the large global changes.

"TRA’s strategy is continuing at a steady pace to develop specialised human resources and support the higher education sector, because we believe that investing in the youth ensures the country of stable development and a leadership. This is why the TRA is investing Dh1.2 billion to provide scholarships to 1,000 Emirati students until the end of 2018," said Omar Mohammed AL Mahmoud, Acting CEO, ICT Fund.

"We celebrate today the signing of those two agreements with the ICT Fund as a part of its development journey to support and attract students to invest in their education and develop their scientific qualifications to serve the UAE. We believe in the importance of communication between the government and private entities to support scientific trends, especially the ones related to the ICT sector which provides the major requirements to build global economies, smart cities and people’s future towards more prosperity, luxury and happiness. We would like to thank the people from the ICT fund for their support to Dubai University’s academic brightness, and local and international journey," said Dr. Essa Bastaki, president of University of Dubai.