Traffic black points reduction at Gitex? Not this time... Course in Dubai costs Dh820

Bit of caution and upkeep of your cars and the vehicles can last the hot summer season without unpleasant incidents. (Patrick Castillo)

The course that motorists could take for free, during Gitex Technology Week, to reduce accumulated traffic black points is no more.

"We want people to come to us," said Saad al Sabhan, Head of Advanced Training Section at Dubai Police.

Earlier, driving licence holders with 12 black points or more could reduce their points by attending a course provided free during Gitex.

"Throughout the year people would say ‘we are waiting for Gitex’," said Al Sabhan.

The course is still available, but not for free, and is only at Barsha Traffic Department.

It costs Dh820 for 4 hours of training on good driving behaviour.

"The most important reason to cancel the course is because we did not have the time to do it anymore," explained the lieutenant.

However, there is also a benefit of proper communication between the violator and Dubai Police, he said.

“If the motorist continuous to repeat the same mistakes, we contact that person and discuss his/her driving behavior,” said Al Sabhan.

A person is eligible for the course once a year and only on having 12 points or more. By attending the course, 8 points can be waived off.

The maximum number of black points a motorist can have before legal action is taken is 24 points. When this number is reached, the driving licence will be suspended for 3 months. The second time when this number is reached, the licence is suspended for 6 months, and on the third time the licence is suspended for more than a year and the person must learn how to drive again.

More than a hundred people reach the 24 black points threshold every year, said Al Sabhan.

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