Two men return from the dead in RAK

One person showed signs of life after an hour of collapsing; the other had slipped into coma

A Pakistani man who was declared dead but brought back to life following resuscitation operation is the second such incident during the last 12 months, according to a senior doctor at Al Saqr Hospital in Ras al Khaimah.

“Almost a year ago there was a similar case and we brought the man back to life,” said Dr Yusuf, Head of Emergency at Al Saqr.

According to him there are only 1 to 2 per cent of cases where such patients can be brought back to life.

“What makes this case even more special is the fact that he started showing signs of life almost an hour after he collapsed due to heart attack,” said Dr Yusuf.

The Pakistani man in his early 30s had collapsed at work and was rushed to hospital by friends and colleagues “almost dead”.

“Although all initial signs showed that he was almost with no heart pulse, apnea and with dilated eye pupils, we did try our best to revive him, as it is done with every single patient. Thankfully after 20 minutes of strenuous resuscitation operation, we noticed his heart started to beat again. He was supported with respiratory and other systems for four days before he opened his eyes and woke up,” he added.

The incident occurred on September 16 and the patient has since been discharged. “He does not want himself to be identified. We requested him to speak to the media but he is adamant,” the hospital officials said.

Earlier this month, another Pakistani patient who was admitted in RAK Hospital following a brain stroke and who slipped into a coma was brought back to life after two crucial neurological surgeries.

According to a local media report, the 50-year-old Pakistani national, Ali Mullah was rushed to the hospital following a heart attack and part of his brain had almost damaged due to swelling.

Doctors had initially believed that his chances of survival was minimal as he would have suffered permanent neurological damages.

However, doctors performed two key surgeries one of which required a part of his skull to be removed to allow the swollen brain room to expand followed by diversionary shunt surgery after 2 days, the report added.


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