Two years in jail for bounced cheque

Raft of drug, bad cheque rulings at Dubai Courts

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court sentenced a Kazakhstani marketing manager to two years in jail for issuing a bad cheque of Dh5.74 million.

According to the Prosecution, AB, 46, a woman, confessed to issuing a cheque to Nicolai S that was cashed on November 25, 2009, for a property. She did not have enough money in the bank.

AB confessed to issuing a cheque which she could not settle.

Man denied bail but given time to settle bad cheque

The Dubai Misdemeanor Court refused bail but gave an Emirati man time to settle Dh6.707 million worth of bad cheques with a bank.

Appearing before the Court Presided by Judge Hamdi Mustafa Abu Al Khair, AAA, expressed ability to pay the value of the cheques, one of which matured on February 21, 2010.

The accused confessed to signing on a cheque which he said was a blank guarantee against a Dh3.2m loan.

AAA submitted a memorandum asking the court for time to settle the problem and pay the debt.

While the court gave the man time and adjourned the case, it refused bail as the law does not permit bail in a case of a bounced cheque where the amount is high.

Woman gets 10 years for cocaine smuggling

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a  Nigerian visitor to 10 years in jail followed by deportation, and fined him Dh50,000 for smuggling and possessing drugs.

Identified as LAH, 37, the accused put cocaine in wrappers and hid  them in the sides of her bags.

Upon her arrival in Dubai International Airport from Nigeria on June 19, Fatima Jasim, 29, Dubai Customs inspector, suspected the passenger and searched her bags and confiscated the cocaine.

Confronting her, LAH denied knowing about the cocaine hidden in the bags and claimed that someone in her home country had given her the bags and asked her to hand them over to a person in Dubai.

Sailors get 4 years in jail for drug possession

Three Iranian sailors were sentenced to four years in jail followed by deportation for smuggling and possessing drugs for personal use.

In the previous hearing the three accused confessed before the Dubai Criminal Court that they possessed hashish and tablets for personal use.

The three identified as RAA, 29, JM 31, and QAB, 24 admitted taking drugs but claimed that this was in their home country.

The three were arrested following a tip off made to the Dubai Police Anti-Drugs Department about RAA having drugs on his boat anchored in Dubai Creek.

On February 2, police raided the boat and confiscated a total of 22 tablets of different drugs and 2.24gms of hashish. 
Saleswoman jailed for jewellery theft

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a Chinese saleswoman at the Dubai International Airport Free Zone to three months in jail for stealing jewellery and accessories.

JJ, 23, was also sentenced to pay a fine equaling the value of the stolen goods.

The sentence is followed by deportation.

3 jailed for bribing officials

A Pakistani man and the two Chinese women who allegedly offered Dh10,000 as a bribe to an employee at Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department in Dubai were found guilty and sentenced to three months in jail, followed by deportation, by the Dubai Criminal Court.

On June 9, at around 11pm, MIA, 36, salesman was at Naïf when he got a call from his friend Murad who told him that a Chinese woman needed his help. The woman, called Yang, handed MIA over Dh10,000 and asked him to hand the amount to her two friends YA, 39 and YK, 50.

Then he got a call from YA who asked him to meet her at in parking lot of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. There he saw a white car that beckoned him by flashing its lights. Coming closer he saw the two Chinese women in handcuffs and two men in the front seat.

The man next to the driver asked MIA to hand him the money. The second women told him not to do that unless he set them free. So he asked the man to set the women free.

Then the men asked the women to get down from the car but did not remove the cuffs.

Although, MIA realized that the two men could be from police, he gave them the money.

6-month jail term for diesel theft

Two Indians who managed to successfully steal diesel from their company but were arrested while selling it, received a six-month jail term followed by deportation.

DBS, 27, driver, and MAM, 29, welder, were arrested on June 6 while they were selling diesel in the Zaabel Area despite an unsuccessful attempt to escape.
Three women accused of selling pirated porn CDs

The Dubai Court of Misdemeanour heard a case of three Chinese women accused of possessing for trade purpose 731 pirated CDs, of which 20 included pornographic films and pictures.

A 22-year-old man, identified as ZA, was accused of not informing authorities despite his knowledge about the crime. All four were accused of overstaying their visit visas that had expired in 2007.

The women, identified as MJY, 46, MJR, 48, YJH, 49, were arrested while selling pirated CDs on July 15 in Jebel Ali.

MJY and MJH who attended the hearing confessed to the accusation. ZA denied the accusation and told the court that he did not know that the CDs were pirated or contained porn films or pictures. He claimed that he is a relative of MJR.

The case was adjourned until the end of this month to question a fourth accused who failed to attend the hearing.

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