Two youths invite teenage friend to ‘fake party’ to rape her

Two youths allegedly assaulted and attempted to rape a 16-year-old compatriot student after luring her to their home to have a party, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

FSR, 21, and MNN, 18, have also been accused of consuming alcohol and sniffing glue.

The victim, SSI, testified that she received a call from MNN who invited her to a party in his house in Jumeirah Tower.

She took a taxi and the two received her near the building and paid the taxi fare. As she entered the flat she did not find any other invitee. On asking them about the invitees, they claimed that invitees will come after half an hour, but no one turned up after half-an-hour.

“We all sat in the hall and had tea. However, I noticed soft drink cans in addition to glue containers in the hall which they were sniffing. FSR was staring at me while I was sitting on the sofa. All of a sudden he moved towards me and held my hands while MNN bent down and tried to undress me. I resisted and rushed to the balcony to call for help. They pulled me back and punched me several times. The watchman of the building knocked at the door and rescued me,” she testified. Both the accused and the victim are Iranians.

Imam Abdul Majeed, 30, Egyptian, watchman, testified that at around 10pm the girl and the two men greeted him when they entered the building. At around 12.40am, a resident of the third floor came to him to tell about hearing a woman's screams.

“I went up and found that the screams were coming from of the accused's flat. I knocked at the door but it was opened only after three knocks. When the door opened, a girl came out shouting ‘help me, help me’. I could see that the hall was in a real mess. I went down with the girl and called the police and the girl called her mother. The girl’s mother and the police arrived and arrested the two men who were in an abnormal condition,” he testified.

Corporal Khalid Marzouq testified that police had obtained the necessary approval to break into the flat.

“The flat was in a complete mess and we confiscated soft drink containers which were filled with glue,” he testified.

The victim’s mother, BHD, 42, Iranian, testified that her daughter told her that she’s going to  a party with her friends without identifying any of them. Later she got a call from her daughter telling her that she was attacked but she was rescued by the building’s watchman. " I went to the location she told me and then she was rushed to the hospital for treatment of injuries on her face and leg," she testified.

Forensic reported finger prints of the accused on the soft drinks. It also reported bruises on the victim’s head, lips and right knee.

The court adjourned the case for verdict till July 31.


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