UAE alert: Beware of fake RTA smart apps

In line with the movement of government entities towards smart technology, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is going smart.

However, a couple of third-party developers offer applications seemingly providing RTA services, although they are not provided by the RTA.

"A number of parties that are unauthorised by RTA used to [are] misleading service seekers by utilizing unapproved or false apps of RTA's services on smart phones and on other electronic apps," tweeted RTA in a warning to the public.

"Therefore, RTA's clients are requested to consult its official website to ensure they are utilising its authorised smart services. RTA will not be held responsible for any damages they might incur due to utilising those unapproved or false apps," the message continues.

Several tweets on this subject were sent out over the last couple of days.

However, while several applications are provided by the RTA as a developer, other apps offering fine payment, parking payment options or Nol card charging options are offered by unknown parties.

A number of new smart applications will be launched by the RTA itself at Gitex this week, including updated versions of existing smart apps.

Among the new apps or updated app versions expected are the smart taxi service,   payment of traffic fines, recharging of Nol cards, Geo Tagging for Madinati service, RTA services directory and the Wojahati app, enabling commuters to plan their trip using public transportation.

An application enabling commuters to use their smart phone to pay for public transportation is also expected to be launched at Gitex 2013.

For a complete overview of the new and approved RTA smart applications, watch this space.


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