UAE approves drug that fights cancer

The patient is required to present a doctor's prescription. (Shutterstock)

The UAE’s Ministry of Health's Drugs Pricing and Registration Higher Committee approved the registration of 85 new drugs after completing technical requirements.

The approved drugs include those used in the treatment of ovarian cancer, lung cancer prevention, tumours, high blood pressure and pain killers.

The committee postponed the approval of 10 others for not completing the requested technical demands.

The approvals were made during a meeting of the committee at the Ministry of Health in Dubai chaired by Dr. Amin Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Policy and licensing and Deputy Chairman of the Committee, in attendance of the members of the committee and representatives from the Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi and Dubai health authorities, Dubai Healthcare City and national universities.

Dr. Al Amiri emphasised that more than half of these drugs are innovative, the most important of which is the most effective drug in the world for ovarian cancer and another new immunity-boosting drug that fights cancer cells in the body.

He indicated that of the 85 approved drugs, 23 are innovative, four biological, 17 locally-made, 23 resembled drugs, and seven are Gulf-made drugs.

"The UAE was the first country in the region and fifth in the world to register the ovarian cancer drug and disburse it to patients following its approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (Emea). It was the fifth in the world to do so after the UK, US, Sweden and France,'' he noted.

"The cancer treatment drug stimulates the immune system in the body to fight cancer cells without the need for chemical, radiological or surgical procedures as it eases pains and gives the patient a new lease of life, particularly in lung cancer cases.

"Patients under the breakthrough immunity-boosting treatment may live for an additional 10 years,'' he added.

He also added that the committee discussed the pricing of 85 new drugs and reconsidered prices of 14 already registered drugs taking into consideration a reasonable rate that can serve the patient better and provide him with a safe effective drug.

The committee also stressed the importance of not harming the economics of drug companies and encouraging them to continue their operations in the UAE as this would positively reflect the health system and economy of the country.

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