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UAE docs remove 15 tumours from youth


In a first in the UAE, a team of doctors at in Abu Dhabi succeeded in removing 15 cancerous tumours from the lungs of a young man in an eight-hour surgery that followed chemotherapy for several weeks.

The size of the eradicated tumours ranged between 0.8 cm and 8 cm. Doctors did not have to remove the lungs of the patient in the rare surgery.

After the surgery, the patient was put on a ventilator for a few hours, stayed at the intensive care unit for only a day, after which he was able to breathe normally and leave the hospital.

Dr. Aladdin Maarraoui, consultant oncologist at Mafraq Hospital, said that the plan developed by a multi-specialty team of doctors started with the removal of most of the malignant primary tumour.

The patient received chemotherapy for 12 weeks to halt the spread of cancer cells in the lungs. Later, doctors carried out a laser surgery to remove the remaining tumours, he added.