UAE firms take control of munitions factory

The aim of building up the Burkan munitions factory as a joint venture between Rheinmetall and the UAE investment companies Tawazun and Al Jaber has been completed with great success.

The shareholders of Burkan Munitions Systems (BMS) agreed that it was the right time to transfer the business into the hands of UAE national entities. In order to meet this objective, Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH has transferred its shares to Tawazun.

Rheinmetall's relationship with Burkan will continue in its capacity as component and support services supplier as well as a provider of technical services. Rheinmetall, an acknowledged global leader in munitions technology, has cooperated closely with the UAE military for many years in numerous projects.

Rheinmetall subsidiary Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH entered into a joint venture agreement with Tawazun and Al Jaber in November 2007 in order to jointly build up a munitions factory in the UAE. The vision of the company was to establish a world-class ammunitions developer, manufacturer, and demilitarization services provider, with the aim of enhancing UAE defence capabilities and meeting regional requirements. Burkan Munitions LLC was the result of the joint efforts of the shareholders.

Burkan Munitions Systems (Burkan) manufactures, assembles and tests a wide range of infantry and artillery ordnance as well as aircraft bombs. The company is one of the leading users of high quality technologies and international standards in the GCC. Burkan Munitions Systems offers various ammunitions services in the region, including demilitarization. Highly skilled personnel supported by the latest technology ensure that clients get the best-possible service. In addition, Burkan has set up a filling plant to meet the region's needs.

During early 2010, Burkan began extending its operations into the production of land and naval munitions. Successful deliveries were made in December of the same year. The facility is expected to attain full production capacity in 2014. Currently undergoing construction and commissioning is an integrated environment-friendly demilitarization plant for explosives and ammunition disposal. This facility will use the latest thermal disposal technology and be the first of its kind in the region. It will make a significant contribution to the defence manufacturing capability of the UAE.

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