UAE foundation’s Afghan water project

A massive project to provide drinking water in Afghanistan is 80 per cent complete thanks to funding provided by the Khalifa bin Zayed Foundation.

Populations in the provinces of Kabul, Nangarhar, Nimruz and Nuristan are now drinking clean water. With the exception of Nuristan, the foundation will be drilling 150 wells in each of these provinces.

The vital project is being undertaken under the supervision of the UAE Embassy in Kabul in co-ordination with Nasir Ahmad Durrani, Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

To add sustainability to the project, the foundation has hired health experts to educate villagers about the health and hygiene requirements in a simple, understandable manner.

UAE Ambassador in Afghanistan Juma Mohammed Al Kaabi said the UAE was endeavouring to support friendly countries in areas of humanitarian and developmental assistance.

He affirmed that the UAE would pursue its humanitarian initiatives to preserve human dignity and alleviate the suffering of the destitute in different parts of the world.