UAE government policies rated among world’s most efficient

More efficient and competitive than governments policies of Australia, Canada, Norway, US, Germany, UK and many more

The UAE government policies are one of most conducive to competitiveness in the world, according to the latest index on government efficiencies.

IMD’s World Competitiveness Center has included the UAE for the first time in the index, rating its policies the world’s fourth best globally.

The UAE surpassed world’s major economic powerhouses in terms of competitive policies such as Australia, Canada, Norway, US, Germany, UK and many more. Hong Kong, Singapore and Switzerland were ranked first, second and third, respectively. They were also rated the most efficient in 2010.

Global communications firm Ketchum said recently in a survey that the UAE leadership will provide safe guidance through any difficult times in 2012.

The survey revealed that leadership credibility requires a combination of decisive action and honest, transparent communication, which is most effectively achieved through a leader’s personal presence and involvement. The 312 people surveyed in the UAE were amongst those most impressed by their leaders when compared to 11 other countries around the world.

Those surveyed in the UAE expect their leaders to be open and honest role models, lead by example, bring out the best in others, communicate in an open and transparent way, and handle controversial issues or crises calmly. Almost all those surveyed in the UAE said that good communication is extremely important to the country’s leadership, feeling that both business and political leaders already communicate effectively in the UAE.

Professor Stéphane Garelli, Director of IMD’s World Competitiveness Center, said: “Governments, once the ultimate shield against economic recession, are – perhaps – turning out to be the biggest liability when it comes to economic recovery. According to the OECD, advanced economies will face a combined budget deficit of $2,700 billion in 2012 and global debt in excess of $29,000 billion. This implies that the public borrowing requirement in OECD countries will reach $10,500 billion. In other words, this is the amount of money that governments will have to find to operate in 2012.”

Governments of Sweden, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Taiwan were among the world’s top 10 most efficient. Qatar moved two places higher in 2012 over the 2010 ranking.

The least efficient government policies were from Venezuela, Ukraine, Argentina, Greece, Brazil, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and Japan.

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