UAE issues audio CD on rights of the disabled

The Ministry of the Interior has released an audio recording titled “Disabled: Their Rights and Duties” listing nine basic legal rights of the blind.

The rights include domestic legislations and international conventions.

The nine basic rights of the visually impaired listed in the audio recording are: right to equality and non-discrimination; right to legal assistance; right to expression opinions; right to health and rehabilitation services; right to education; right to work; right to participate in public life, cultural events and sports; and  right to live in a suitable environment.

Lieutenant Colonel Salah Al Ghoul of the Ministry of the Interior said the release include the most important legal obligations of citizens towards visually impaired people.

He said the released audio recording seeks to integrate the disabled with the rest of society, whether at work or education, helping to teach them to abide by the rules, carry responsibility and achieve dignity. It also touches on crimes against disabled people and their legal privileges.

Lt Col Al Ghoul said care of the disabled is no longer just a matter of simple charity but has become a global humanitarian issue.

He said the focus of care and protection of the disabled had shifted from kindness and charity to their rights stipulated in international conventions and national constitutions.

He called for concerted efforts by government agencies and social organisations to develop laws and practices to ensure integration of disabled people in society.


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